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    The Governor Huang Huahua went to postdoctoral industrialization Base of Heyuan 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 for Inspection

    In the afternoon of August 8, the deputy secretary of the Guangdong Province and the governor Huang Huahua visited postdoctoral industrialization Base of Heyuan 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 for Inspection, accompanied by Heyuan party secretary Chen Jianhua and Heyuan mayor Peng Jianwen. He Weiping, the executive director of 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站, received the committee with open arms and reported to them about the developments of the industrial base.

    Governor Huang Huahua listened carefully to the report, and spoke highly of the achievements made by Heyan 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 base in application of new technologies in the low carbon road materials and the biofilm water purification technology and water reuse technology and other fields,.Also, he affirmed the achievements made by 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 in the fields of innovation and standardization strategy and hoped that 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 could further enhance the capability of independent innovation and grow stronger and bigger during the process of upgrading.