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    乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 Honored as Fist Shenzhen Quality Hundred Enterprise
    Date:2013/12/17 10:51:07

    In the process of the active implementation of Shenzhen "Quality Strong City" Development Strategy, Shenzhen springs up many renowned worldwide products and enterprises representing Shenzhen Quality. They are all like bright stars, shining in the sky of Shenzhen. Recently, First Shenzhen Quality Hundred Enterprises Selection has just finished. 100 leading enterprises from every industry have been listed in the public paper, like Shenzhen 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 Industrial Co., Ltd.,Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co. Ltd, china greatwall computer shenzhen co. , ltd, Shenzhen SKYWORTH -RGB Electronic Co. Ltd and so on.

    First Shenzhen Quality Hundred Enterprises Selection is directed by Shenzhen city social organization Federation, hosted by Shenzhen City Business Association, Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association, Shenzhen Quality Association, Shenzhen City Council for the promotion of performance excellence management, Shenzhen Press Group, "Time" magazine business and so on. In addition, The city of Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, Macromolecular association, Association of lighting industry and other industry associations, total more than 50 associations host it jointly. It has been one of the most participation selection activities hold by civilian industry associations.

    City Enterprises Association and Entrepreneurs Association specially invite Shenzhen Quality Association, Shenzhen City Council for the promotion of performance excellence management who had held the mayor Quality Award to participate in order to give professional direction and technical support. Additionally, the selection includes the audit of declaration enterprise qualification and materials, on-site assessment and jury deliberation, totally four steps. During this period, they visit the enterprises to get deeper research. Further more, The Selection Committee include responsible member of the organizing committee, Provincial, municipal people's Congress, Provincial, municipal CPPCC, the relevant functional departments of government representatives, representatives of the industry association, News media representative and so on. Finally, selection result is public, accepting the supervision of the public and the public opinion.