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    The technical seminar of Mine Safety Monitoring System for Fiber Bragg Gating Was Held
    Date:2013/6/14 16:30:15

    This seminar stressed an important monitoring thought of mine roof safety support, received common praise from experts. Director of CMSSC Chenqi; Vice President of Yantai Wanhua Group Lilu; Vice Chairman of Huaibei Mining Group; Vice Chairman of Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd. Wang Fuqi and Director of China National Coal Group Corp. Guan Zenglun made crucial speech and gave some significant instructive to the products' development.

    Director of China Coal Industrial Association Coordination Department Sun Shouren finally made a closing statement, he hope that Ocean Power and Shanghai Qipeng can make persistent efforts in increasing research investment and introducing new ideas, so as to further improve Mine Roof Supporting Monitoring System and make a contribution to the industrial development.