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    乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站: the first batch pilot enterprises in Shenzhen in self-evaluation of skilled personnel
    Date:2013/6/13 16:11:24

    Recently, Shenzhen formally launched pilot works which allowed enterprises to self-evaluate skilled personnel for Integral Household. Shenzhen 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 Industrial Co., Ltd. had been one of the first batch 15 enterprises in self-evaluation of talents.

    Last August, Shenzhen launched the Measures for the Implementation of Training Evaluation for Staff in Enterprises of Shenzhen, it stipulated that occupations which hadn't been into National Career Book and human resources and social security departments at all levels hadn't organized social occupation skill appraisal, in this situation enterprises could apply for occupation skill appraisal.

    It selected some pilot enterprises from Shenzhen pillar industry, strategic emerging industry and superior traditional industry in this time. Enterprises could apply to organize occupation skill appraisal, if one's examination result was up to standard, he/she could obtain Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Shenzhen's special professional ability certificate or professional certificate, as a result one could obtain citizenship through the points system.

     The first batch 15 enterprises in self-evaluation of skilled personnel in 2013 include Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd., Shenzhen 乐虎国际娱乐app下载-乐虎国际官网-乐虎国际唯一网站 Industrial Co., Ltd., Lenovo Information Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, etc.